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Online Training & Nutrition Coaching 

Comprehensive Support for Lasting Change

People hire trainers and nutritionists when they get serious about making healthy change, but there are fundamental problems with that approach.  First, let's look at personal training.  Sure, when you're meeting with your trainer, health & fitness are a priority.  Once you leave, life is filled with distractions, and it's easy to forget about all of those fitness intentions. When it comes to nutrition plans, I've yet to meet someone who's interested in eating from a plan for the rest of their life. This model makes you reliant on others, rather than empowering you to develop a healthy lifestyle. And when you're already busy, who has time for multiple appointments every week, anyway?  


I'll partner with you to help you find a way to eat well and exercise as a regular part of your life. If you really want to change for good, work with me to find your solutions stay on track, and overcome your obstacles. 

What it includes:

  • an experienced certified personal trainer and caring coach

  • daily accountability check-ins to help you stay focused

  • a customized workout plan that doesn't require an expensive gym membership

  • a mobile app that lets you access your workouts and record your progress

  • biweekly 1/2 hour online coaching sessions to help you overcome obstacles

  • *OPTIONAL (for local clients only): quarterly in-person exercise program updates


*additional cost 

$119 initial consultation required, which includes an interview, review of lifestyle and health history, establishment of goals, posture and movement screen, and initial exercise programming design.

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