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Coffee with Friends

Small Group Online Nutrition Coaching

Are you an on-again, off-again dieter? 
 I'll help you adopt strategies that really work, and along with your teammates, keep you on track.  

Individual Nutrition Coaching

Do you feel like you're making lots of effort, but not seeing progress? 
I'll help you define your obstacles and overcome them with a personalized approach to your nutrition challenges.

Hybrid Personal Training & Coaching

 Do you want to eat better and exercise regularly, but just can't seem to get consistent?  
I'll help you find the strategies that work for you.

Online Personal Training Plus

Working with a trainer at a gym is costly, requires a pricey membership, and your precious time to travel there.  But most importantly, it only holds you accountable for the duration of the training session. 
I'll design an exercise program that uses the equipment you have, and help you make exercise a regular part of your life.
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