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Small Group Online Nutrition Coaching

Make Healthy Eating Easier

with a Team and a Coach

Changing how you eat is hard.  When you add the challenges of a busy life, confusing nutrition information, and a sabotaging environment, it can feel impossible! 


Stop struggling and get off the diet roller coaster for good.  Learn how to make healthy eating choices that align with your goals, and how to maintain them.  Develop flexible skills, using a proven method that's helped over 100,000 clients change their eating habits for the better.


I'll be there every step of the way, along with your teammates.

What the program includes:

  • support from a caring coach and fellow group members 

  • daily check-ins to keep you accountable

  • optional guidance, resources, and recipes to support your progress

  • regular virtual coaching sessions for tips, encouragement, and Q & A

  • a private group for communication and support fellow members

$349 or $120/monthly

$289 or $99/month (early bird registration)

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