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Online Personal Training & Coaching 

Personalized Fitness, Without Time & Location Limitations

If you want to get fit, you could hire a personal trainer. But training sessions only hold you accountable during the hour you've paid for, not the rest of the hours of the week.  Life often gets in the way of exercise - kids, work, vacation, etc. So how can you get consistent with exercise? You don't want to make a habit of paying for training sessions, you want to make a habit of exercise! 


You need an exercise plan that's flexible and a coach to help you overcome your unique challenges to getting regular exercise. No gym membership required, you can work out when you choose, with the equipment you have, in a way that you enjoy. Taking advantage of today's technology, I'll help you find an approach to fitness that's right for you and I'll be there to support you so that it becomes your lifestyle.  

What it includes:

  • an experienced certified personal trainer AND creative caring coach

  • a customized digital workout plan

  • an app with videos of your custom workout that tracks your progress

  • workout check-ins to keep you accountable

  • biweekly 1/2 hour virtual coaching sessions to keep you on track

  • *OPTIONAL (for local clients only): quarterly in-person program updates


*additional cost

$119 initial consultation required, which includes an interview, review of lifestyle and health history, establishment of goals, posture and movement screen, and initial exercise programming design.

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