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Apple Granola Crisp

I tried this recipe years ago when I saw it on Smitten Kitchen's site, and needed an easy dessert to bring to a party. She calls it Breakfast Granola Crisp and you could eat this with a big dollop of Greek yogurt and call it a healthy breakfast. It is one of those back pocket recipes that is super flexible, loved by all. It just happens to be low in sugar and refined carbs.

In our pre-pandemic world, this was my go-to dessert for gatherings, largely because I'm not always the most organized human, and the ingredients list is simple stuff, that you likely have on hand. No apples? Almost any kind of fresh or frozen fruit works here. I've made this with how-long-have-I-had-these? bags of frozen berries and it was delicious. As my family always says:

image by Anne Taintor

Gluten free? Make it with the almond flour. Don't like coconut? Who are you, even?! I mean, skip the coconut. Here's the recipe:

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