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Choose Your Own Adventure: Vegetarian (or not) Shepherd's Pie

This versatile recipe lets you take advantage of frozen mixed vegetables to make a hearty dinner. Less chopping, yay!! I know what you're thinking, meat eaters. Trust me, I'm surrounded by meat eaters and they loved this. It's the umami from the mushroom that gives it a meaty taste.

If you prefer to eat meat, you can use lean ground beef or some ground turkey or chicken, which you'll cook sans oil or broth in the step where you'd prepare the lentils. If you're using lentils, the French green ones hold up better in this pie.

No leeks on hand? Substitute onion or shallots, to equal 1 cup. I used chicken broth instead of vegetable, and while not vegetarian, it is delicious.

Please note: Recipe is 2 pages long. Click on the arrow it the image to see the 2nd page.

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