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Leftovers Upgrade

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

This pretty much sums up leftovers at our house:

In case you can relate, or, if you just want a head start on tomorrow's dinner, I'm here for you with some recipes. Just don't tell my family.

First up, a simple and delicious marinade for chicken that works even if you haven't made it hours ahead:

Combine with some simple grilled veg, such as sliced (the long way) summer or zucchini squash and grill or steam some corn, and dinner is solved. If you're feeling more ambitious, you can make the rest of the Chicken Gyro Salad recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which is always a big hit. The important thing is to make sure you grill enough chicken to have leftovers for night 2, based on the size of your family. The marinade above makes enough for 3 - 3.5 pounds of chicken which provides a family of 4 with plenty of leftovers, so adjust your quantities as necessary. And bonus, since this is grilled (though you could broil this if you don't have a grill), there's not much clean up.

On day two, you'll get to use some gorgeous summer tomatoes. (If you are reading this and it is not tomato season, I would recommend skipping this recipe until it is. You could double up on squash and add leftovers of that to cooked pasta that has been tossed with a little olive oil.)

This recipe is also from that culinary queen, Smitten Kitchen. Slice up your leftover chicken while the tomatoes are steeping and the pasta is cooking. OK, I realize this is not any earth shattering info to combine leftover protein with some pasta, but it does the job of getting you ahead of dinner, it's a win in my book! Serve with a bagged salad, and voila, healthy meal 2, done and dusted.

Just so you will be covered on your grocery list, in addition to the above items on the recipe cards, you will also need some summer and/or zucchini squash for grilling, and enough ears of corn for your crowd. You will need a bagged salad for the second dinner, unless you have been bombarded with zucchini from your garden, or a well meaning friend. In that case, you will likely have some leftover grilled squash that you can slice with the chicken and add to the pasta. Bon appetit x2!

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