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Frozen Treat to Beat the Heat: Instant Peach Soft Serve

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Though children are heading back to school soon, the heat will be with many of us for awhile.  Satisfy your inner child's desire for immediate gratification with some healthy frozen treats!  And don't worry if you don't happen to live somewhere that is currently abundant in fresh peaches - this recipe calls for frozen ones.  

I've been experimenting with some recipes and am sharing my favorite (so far) here:

Some of my immediate family have dairy allergies, thus the coconut milk.  I also have a recipe for frozen roasted strawberries that I tried with almond milk, and I did prefer the richer taste of coconut milk.  

I have made a few different frozen fruit treats and have learned a few things from my experiments so far:

  • Salt:  I can definitely can tell when I don't add salt, which somehow makes the final product more bland.  

  • Sweet:  The small amount of sweetener was just right for me, and using both honey and maple syrup meant that neither flavor dominated.  Instead, they seemed to cancel one another's flavor and just added a bit of sweetness.  Don't skip the lemon juice either, as it really adds to the whole.  

  • Freezing: Adding a piece of parchment, wax paper, or plastic wrap keeps ice crystals on top to a minimum.  Though I haven't tried this in an ice cream maker, I'm guessing it would improve the consistency.  Lastly, choosing your most airtight container for storage works best.

  • Truly immediate gratification: This really takes no time at all, and the end product does have a soft serve consistency that you can enjoy straight away with no additional time to freeze.  

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