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Healthy Eating and the Key to Your Success

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

A personal training client/potential client approaches me. They have weight loss/fat loss/health marker improvement goals. Client A asks me what app they should use to track their eating and exercise. Client B asks me if they should eliminate carbs. Client C asks me if they can get a handle on their appetite by doing yoga breathing.

So, which one is key? Is it:

A. energy balance – calories in vs. calories out

B. the right mix of macronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates, and fats

C. lowering your stress levels – getting more sleep, movement, meditation, etc.

D. all of the above are relevant, but none of them matter as much as your mindset

Yes, that’s right, D!!

mindset mind·set or mind-set (mīnd'sět') n. 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations. 2. An inclination or a habit.

We eat in response to “situations” like stress, boredom, social norms, time of day, company we keep, etc. Sometimes we even eat because, gasp, we’re hungry! The truth is, eating becomes a habit we do for many reasons that are as unique as we are. Most of them have nothing to do with hunger.

In my role as a nutrition coach, it is my responsibility to help you with your mindset toward eating, so that you can establish habits that will support your goals. Here is how it works, in a nutshell:

What: focus on good basic habits, and don’t sweat the details
When: whenever you’re ready (hint: there’s never an easy time to start)
Why: whatever your unique reason is – health, weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, etc.
How: help you to break the habits down into tiny pieces and focus on practicing just one at time; provide accountability; listen to you and provide support when you have questions or roadblocks

Try focusing on one small thing at a time, keeping in mind that things do not change, we change* (our mindset, that is.) If you find after various attempts that you aren't making progress, find a coach who can give you the support you need.

*I stole this part from Henry David Thoreau.

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