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Raspberry Vanilla Almond Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Do you love breakfast, but don't find yourself particularly hungry when you wake up? Perhaps you've experimented with skipping breakfast, but find that it just leads to poor choices and/or unwanted snacking later in the day (more here about that). This smoothie is a healthy solution that can be easily transported to work in a bowl or a cup.

You may be wondering, "Why eat your smoothie in a bowl? Is this a silly trend?" Maybe, but they could have a helpful point. If you've ever had a smoothie and then felt yourself thinking about what else you could eat, because that didn't quite do it for you, you're not alone. There have been studies comparing eating a smoothie like soup vs drinking, and the results show that the spoon is mightier than the straw. It creates more perceived satiety and fullness, akin to eating the contents of said smoothie, in solid form. For more on that, see this.

*A word on bee pollen. Do NOT use this if you have pollen or bee sting allergies, as it may cause an allergic reaction; do NOT use if you are pregnant or lactating, as evidence is currently lacking on safety for the baby; do NOT use if you take blood thinners as it may interact with medication. If none of those issues apply to you, you may want to try it, as it does have demonstrated positive properties. Specifically, it has a great nutritional profile, antioxidant properties (protects your body against harmful molecules), may improve cholesterol (animal studies), may support liver function (animal studies), and has anti-inflammatory properties (animal studies), among other things.

Last but not least, an unsolicited plug for a good tasting vanilla protein powder. Most chocolate protein powders taste OK because chocolate is a strong flavor, and overpowers the whey. Vanilla is more subtle, so many brands seem to have an odd aftertaste. I recently tried the vanilla bean flavor of whey protein powder made by a company called Ascent, and it actually tasted like vanilla. Without further ado, here is the recipe:

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