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One Pot Wonder: Greek Chickpeas

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

This meal has so much going for it: flavorful, quick and easy prep, relies on pantry staples, budget friendly, one pot=easy to clean. It also happens to be healthy. But forget about all those things, it's just SDG (So Darn Good). It's gone into regular rotation at our house as a main meal, and that can't be overstated. I live among meat lovers who always complain that they're hungry when we eat beans as our main. Not so with this. Serving size (as a main meal) was listed as 4, but that's a very generous serving. I think you can easily get 6, and 8-10 as a side dish.

This recipe is from Milk Street Magazine, and comes by way of Ikaria, Greece. Ikaria is on of the "Blue Zone" areas of the world. The term Blue Zones was coined by Dan Buettner, used to describe regions of the world where people live exceptionally long lives, with very low rates of chronic disease. Mr. Buettner first wrote about these zones in National Geographic magazine, and an article in the New York Times entitled, "The Island Where People Forget to Die".

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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