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Protein Primer

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Protein is a powerful tool, whether you're focused on eating better for health or weight loss.

NOTE: None of the following should substitute for advice for medical advice. If you have underlying medical conditions, or any concerns at all, speak to your health care provider.

Graphic courtesy of Precision Nutrition

Protein is important for health and weight loss because:

  • It builds and repairs nearly everything in your body

  • It supports the immune system

  • It helps make hormones that affect appetite, blood sugar, and mood

  • It's important for injury recovery

  • It's physically satisfying and keeps you feeling full for longer

  • It helps with maintaining lean tissue

So how much protein do we need each day?

It varies from person to person, but begin by using this guideline:

Image courtesy of Precision Nutrition

For Women: ~ 1 palm sized portion of protein/meal

For Men: ~ 2 palm sized portions of protein/meal

Which foods should I eat?

The graphics at top and below have some specific ideas to help you get started.

Graphic courtesy of Precision Nutrition

The bottom line:

Don't sweat the details. Stay focused on getting protein at each meal.


  • Keep the goal the goal

  • Make sure your protein goals are SMART (not sure, read this.)

  • Take consistent imperfect action

If you have questions about protein or healthy eating, email me at

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