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Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I know we've been trying to avoid this friends, but resistance is futile. It's time to give in to all things pumpkin! Perhaps you've grown weary of the fall pumpkin craze (OK, Trader Joe's, seriously?!, pumpkin spice almond milk?!), but pumpkins are nutritional powerhouses with a healthy dose of fiber (keeps you full longer), beta carotene (eye health; immune health), and vitamin C and antioxidants. The seeds themselves are a tiny package of goodness with minerals, protein and healthy fats. Recent animal studies show promise for positive effects on blood sugar (details here), blood pressure (details here), and cholesterol (details here).

This muffin has all.the.(fall)flavors: pumpkin, apples, maple syrup, and warm spices. While you can enjoy this lightly sweetened nutritional powerhouse on the go, it's just as delightful to have with a cuppa and a good book.


I really do recommend that you let the mixture sit for about 10-15 minutes, as I've written in the recipe. The sitting allows the oatmeal to absorb more of the moisture, which also helped keep the muffins intact.

If you want to make the muffins more transportable, and the pan prep and clean up easier and faster, use paper liners.

For those of you with dietary restrictions, this muffin is gluten free and if you have nut allergies, you could substitue sunflower seeds for the nuts in this recipe.

Last thing to note is that this muffin is just barely sweet. Most of that comes from the shredded apple and some maple syrup. If you want to lower the sugar a bit more, you could skip mixing the sugar with the cinnamon before coating the shredded apple. If you have turbinado or other larger grained sugar, definitely use that in the final topping as it lends a sweet crunchy texture when you bite into the muffin. All together, the sugar comes in at a teeny bit more than 1 tsp of added sweetener per muffin. No sugar crash!

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