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Recipe That Makes Everyone Happy, Including YOU: Custom Bolognese

There are lots of challenges when you're changing your eating, whether for health or weight loss goals. It can sometimes feel like your family members are sabotaging your efforts if you're the cook or meal planner. Have you experienced the moans, groans, and eye rolling? You're not alone! Many of my clients find that coming up with a dinner that's healthier AND pleases everyone is difficult, if not impossible. Good news - there is a middle ground! This recipe showcases tips to help you make the kind of dinner that makes everyone happy.

This recipe solves so many points of contention"

  • "Spaghetti squash isn't really pasta!" - cook some pasta on the side and let everyone choose whether they'd like one, the other, or a bit of both

  • "Ba-con, ba-con, ba-con!"* - cook the bacon first, set it aside, wipe out the pan & use olive oil to cook the veg; when you're ready to serve add it back in to their portion of sauce or offer as a topping

  • "We HATE (insert dark leafy green vegetable here)" - put a handful in your own dish and put your sauce on top to wilt the greens a bit

Part 1 - Recipe overview

Part 2 - Carb options, healthier fat options

Part 3 - Putting it all together (and enjoying dinner without complaints of it being too healthy)

*Yes, I know, I said it's just a few pieces of bacon. The truth is, as long as you're not training for the olympics and/or eating bacon regularly, it's OK to occasionally have a little.

Bonus: if you skip the pasta, there's just one skillet to wash when you're done!

Here's the recipe. I hope that it brings you some dinner bliss.

Share the dinner bliss! Know someone (or maybe several people) who deals with the challenge of planning meals for loved ones who don't share their healthy eating goals? Share this recipe with them on Facebook, Linked In, or just copy and send the link using one of the icons below. Thanks for spreading the health!
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