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Skip the Resolution and Make a Plan Instead

Resolutions tend to focus on outcomes, which we can't control. "This is the year I'm going to do x, y, or z." It's all about the what - the outcome we want, but the how - aka the plan, is usually a bit fuzzy.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The clearer you can get about what steps you'll take, the more likely you'll make progress toward your goal. What about the best laid plans going awry? You may need to readjust your plan and try again. Sometimes it's a process of elimination of what doesn't work, so you can find what does.

"A bad plan successfully implemented will lead to mistakes, which will teach you lessons, which will lead to improvement. A bad plan is better than no plan. A bad plan is a good start." - Jonathon Goodman

If your goals are to get healthier, eat better, or exercise more, here are the foundational elements you need to plan:

Exercise More

Decide what you'll do and schedule when you'll do it. Figuring out what type of exercise is best for your goals is great, but if you're starting from not exercising at all, do something that's appealing to you and fits your life. If you're already have an established exercise habit, do some research or consult a trainer to learn what's effective for your goals.


Plan your meals and schedule your shopping. If you need ideas on how to do that efficiently, check out these ideas.

Rest & Recovery

Sleep is essential for health. If you're not already getting 7-8 hours of sleep, how can you get a little more? Recovery is more than just sleep, though. It's taking time to recover properly from your workouts; catching your breath so you're not rushing headlong from one thing to the next; taking time to do something that you enjoy or feels good.

Whatever your specific goals, instead of going ALL IN, try going small. Ask yourself, "How can I do this 10% better?" Success breeds confidence, which gives you a solid foundation to build on. It doesn't matter how much you can kick your butt or how much kale you can eat, if it only lasts until the end of the month.

I hope you found this information useful! Have burning questions about your health & fitness? Email me here. Sharing is caring, so please share on social media, or forward to friend. Thanks!
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