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Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl with Miso

This is a great recipe, and if you chop a few more vegetables, you'll be helping your future self with some easy leftovers for lunches and other dinners. The miso dressing really makes it (and can be used for other things; more on that below)!

I'm not a vegetarian, but like you, I strive to eat healthy, and that means finding ways to get more veg. But I don't want to settle for the same old boring veg all the time. That's why this recipe is such a winner. The miso dressing has it all! It's a little sweet, a little salty, and a lot umami.

This recipe is based on Smitten Kitchen's, but I've amped up the protein and veg.

My Tips:

  • if you (or your family) can't imagine a meal without meat, you could add some roasted or grilled chicken or pork tenderloin, or even some canned tuna

  • go easy on the salt when roasting your veg, as the miso dressing will add more to the final dish

  • to up the protein a bit more, I cook my grain in chicken bone broth

  • Target has some decent shelf stable par-cooked grains that you could use in a pinch

  • definitely use white miso, as it lends a distinct milder flavor than other types

  • add water to a portion of dressing, when serving; it goes a long way and can be used to dress salads, top other plain meats or veg

  • I use a microplane zester to grate my ginger, and it's just as easy to use it for the garlic too (and quicker than a knife)

  • the vegetable portion of this dish is very versatile, so feel free to add or substitute other starchy veg, like squashes for the potatoes, and other cruciferous veg, like brussels sprouts, for the broccoli

  • you can up the veg even more by adding some leafy greens or shredded cabbage to this dish

Know someone (or maybe several people) who could use a very veggie recipe? Share this with them on Facebook, Linked In, or just copy and send the link using one of the icons below. Thanks for spreading the health!

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