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I couldn’t be happier with Karen as my nutrition coach; she is amazing! She listens carefully to me each time we meet and offers such wonderful insight. Most importantly, she equips me with practical suggestions for simple changes I can make to help myself move closer to my nutrition goals.  She is also patient and kind, and she is my champion! I feel so lucky to have found her - Karen is the perfect guide to help me become my best self.  

Liz D.

Silver Spring, MD

I first started working with Karen when she became my personal trainer. I was instantly put at ease that she had a genuine interest in getting to know me, my health profile and my lifestyle. 


Karen put together a really accessible and progressive training programme that not only gave me results but was really easy to work into my weekly routines.  We then spent one session focused on nutrition and Karen was able to tailor advice specifically to my goals. We've since progressed into nutrition coaching where Karen guides me through a series of daily lessons and fortnightly goals focused entirely on health and nutrition.  This is brilliant as I can do it at my own pace.  I enjoy the reflective activities and Karen really understands the challenges I face as well as health considerations that need to be factored in. 


I have lost 14 lbs. since we began working on nutrition together, and I feel like I am consciously making decisions that are securing a far healthier (physically and mentally) future.  I really enjoy working with Karen, who is incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, motivating and kind in equal measure!

Beckie S.

Portsmouth, UK

I am 52 years old, 6' 3" tall and was 295 lbs when I determined it was time to get healthy if I wanted to live a longer more active life. Karen introduced me to the ProCoach program and is my nutrition and fitness coach. The combination of the program and Karen's expertise has helped me change my eating habits, is helping me drop unwanted weight and has kept me motivated to see this through to completion.  Karen has been invaluable in keeping me focused and accountable.  If you want to change your life style to be healthier, more active, and in control, you will not find a better coach than Karen, and the tools she has available to help you reach your goals.    

Marc P.

Phoenix, AZ

Karen is everything and more you would want from a personal trainer. Her knowledge is second to none and her passion for nutrition and fitness is very infectious. I have worked with several trainers in the past but Karen is by far the best. She goes above and beyond and truly wants you to succeed in your personal goals. Offering endless advice, strategies and training programmes that will last you a life time. I only wish she had stayed in the UK .

Nicole G.

Portsmouth, UK

Karen’s workouts are challenging and fun!   Unlike other trainers I’ve tried, she has been especially helpful in creating workouts to meet my specific needs, which has included exercises to improve my tennis game and prevent injuries. More recently, she developed a workout plan that enabled me to perform seated exercises during recovery from foot surgery and exercises geared at regaining flexibility in my foot.

Sue D.

Silver Spring, MD

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