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“Even though I’m a personal trainer and I know a lot about how to eat well, I often didn’t do it.  As a working mom of three older children who are very active in sports, making time for myself was a challenge and my own health and nutrition were usually an afterthought.  Now I anticipate, plan and prep so that I have healthier options and get in my own fitness, too. 

When I first considered nutrition coaching, I was worried it might be another failed weight loss attempt, and as a 52 year old menopausal woman, I knew it was getting harder.  Karen understood all this.  She was candid about her approach, especially that it worked slowly.  Her methods were structured, but her coaching was flexible and helped me focus on the things that worked best for me.  She called me out when I was being overly perfectionist, so I could see the forest for the trees.  I became consistent at menu planning, tuning into my hunger and fullness, anticipating obstacles, and getting more sleep.  These all helped me lose weight, but more importantly, these are now habits that help me keep it off.  Is everything I eat or drink always healthy?  No, but my coach helped me see that when I’m making better choices consistently, occasional diversions don’t negate my progress. Having a coach that trusted me to make good decisions for myself helped me trust myself more, and that has been empowering!

I don't believe that fitness belongs to any one body size, but losing fat has made me enjoy movement even more than I had before I lost the weight.  I love running, but have a nagging knee issue.  With 37 fewer pounds, it’s a lot easier now.  I’ve been able to increase my weekly mileage, which wouldn’t have been possible a year ago.  I really notice the connection between my nutrition and how well I move and sleep, which in turn affects my eating habits and energy levels.  Overall, I feel better being in my body and more appreciative of the things it can do.”​

—  Kym P.

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